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Pr Ntr Kmt / H.E.M.P. Profit Sharing Club & Eco-Retreat ichingtao@yahoo.com


Pr Ntr Kmt / H.E.M.P. PSC & E-R
Is A Membership Social Club & Eco-Retreat.
Our Goal is to Show so-called BLACK PEOPLE How to Become Self-Sufficient Especially with Hemp & Mari-HuAna.

Black Owned & Operated from Seed-To-Sale !
Sell to AnyOne !

We Will Grow Our Own Hemp, Our Member Benefits are :
*MemberShip in Our Private, Eco-Retreat….
By Us, 4 Us
(We Will be Nation Wide Soon !!!)

*Profit Sharing from CBD & Hemp Seed Oil

*Discounts on Future Hemp Products

*Free (Buy Now Below)

Learn @ Home Self-Healing Health QiGong Video –
MelO(m) QiGong — BreathWork for MelAnin Activation :

*MemberShip Fee Will be A TAX DEDUCTIBLE
DoNation to Our Temple / Church PNK / COD

*Part of Member DoNations Will Go Toward Building
Steven & Charles Memorial
Real Life Shero Hero AKadaMe (School)
for Children, Teens & Adults

Plus Much Moor !!!!

Contact Prof. B.
Professor Roi-El T. Bates Sifu /OCC =
Ordained Cannabis Clergy



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