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One Of Singapore's Last Handmade Hokkien Ngoh Hiang May Be Gone Soon


The Ng family that operates Maxwell Food Centre’s China Street Fritters has set a deadline to retire. By March 2022, this traditional handmade Hokkien ngoh hiang recipe may be lost forever. The Ng’s children are not interested in taking over the hawker stall in Singapore’s CBD.

They almost sold their heritage recipe for S$1 million – a retirement nest-egg that would have been split five ways – but the potential buyer pulled out when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, citing financial issues.

It takes four Ng siblings and a daughter-in-law to run the stall because making the fritters by hand is a team effort. The main fritters, pink sausage (guan chang), meat roll (ngoh hiang), liver roll and egg slices, are still made with the same recipe that their father taught them more than 50 years ago. The eldest brother, Ng Kok Hua, 64, took over the stall when he was 16 and their father fell ill, to support their family of 10.

Worst case scenario? A food critic advised them to “record down your recipe” for the future generation that may be keen to revive the legacy.

*Photo in the thumbnail was taken pre-COVID.

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