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Off-Season Yoga For Hockey Players | Yoga For Strength


Off-Season Yoga For Hockey Players | Yoga For Strength. Welcome to the 4th video in our new Off-Season Yoga For Hockey Players Series. This yoga series is specifically designed for hockey players from NHL pros to players in minor leagues. Yoga and Yoga Workouts are a great addition to add to your off season training program as they improve flexibility, strength, mental focus and clarity and like any other form of exercise, yoga just makes you feel good!

Today’s video is a Yoga For Strength sequence and is essentially a yoga workout. We combine a fast type of yoga flow known as Vinyasa Yoga with Isometric Training Exercises that is sure to leave you a little sweaty at the end. Both vinyasa yoga and isometric training are great ways to build strength and add muscle.

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10 Minute Gentle Yin Yoga For Beginners:

Pre Game Yoga For Hockey Players | Hip Opener:

20 Minute Full Body Isometric Yoga Workout:

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