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How to Clean a Dog's Ears (Demonstration)


In this episode, Dr. Judy demonstrates how to clean out a dog’s ear. She uses her own dog as an example. She points out that water or water based products should never be used. Also, rubbing alcohol is not recommended as it will burn and irritate. Instead, a solution of aloe and witch hazel is preferred. Dr. Judy talks about the need to smell the ear as this will help to detect any yeast infection as it will smell much like corn chips. With the demonstration, Dr. Judy uses the syringe provided with the ear cleansing product, places it down in the ear and gently releases the product. She then demonstrates how to massage and wipe the ear with gauze. Dr. Judy does caution that if a q-tip is used, it should only be used toward the outside of the ear and never deep inside the ear canal. (Recorded 8/24/2017)

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