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Going the Distance with The Charlotte’s Web Topical Vending Machine


During the pandemic most of us got the itch to get outside, explore new places and take our passions to new heights. From staying fit to experiencing the awe of nature, we wanted to be sure you could keep going – no matter where your passion takes you.

Check out six incredible athletes at five amazing locations and the dedicated team that literally climbed off the beaten path all to experience the power of Charlotte’s Web™ products.

Here’s a look at each.

And yes! We took the machines down the same day and left no trace. We’re here to support you AND our beautiful planet.

Also, a shout out to the AMAZING crew that brought this to life! It’s not every day we scale a mountain, so we brought in professionals who make it look like just another (awesome) day’s work.  

Director and DP Jon Glassberg has been climbing professionally for 20 years. He’s traveled the world climbing rocks up to 5.14 and V15 but also captures the heart and soul of innovative outdoor sports as a director. He still gets to what he loves for work and play — which could include hanging from the side of El Capitan, 3000 feet off the valley floor. 

Photographer, writer, and director Jessica Talley focuses much of her work on portraiture, extreme sports, and women’s stories. Expeditions have taken her to Mt. Everest, Japan, South Africa, and remote villages of Cameroon. Jessica’s versatility with the camera evolved from her beginnings as a photojournalist. 

We are so thankful for Jon and Jessica’s immense skill and talent!

Explore New Heights

Castleton Tower explodes 305 feet into the sky; a perfect place to feel the power of CBD.

On this day it was 105 degrees, and we started by hiking the vending machine up to the base of the tower. Then the director climbed to the top and we used a pulley system to take the machine to the top.

Reminder: the athletes featured in the video are pro climbers. Do not try this at home!

Step by Step

This hike is no joke. There are 200 vertical steps followed by a half-mile hike. It’s sure to get your heartbeat racing and forehead sweating even for a Spartan Ultra World Champion. (But Rea Kolbl makes it look pretty easy!)

Reaching your personal goals requires many, many steps, and our topical formulas can help get you there.

Hitting the Road

For many cycling enthusiasts, a climb into the Rocky Mountains is a dream and a perfect place to test their abilities. Would you do it? After a year indoors, you might be ready to!

We’re always here to help you take your skills to the next level, even if that’s on the side of Flagstaff Road, the world-renowned cycling road known for its very steep grade.

For local semi-pro cyclist Dirian, this came at the right time. With a big block of training coming up, he needs all the support to take him farther.

Finding New Trails

Cory is a mountain bike guide in Moab. Traversing trails day in and day out is her passion, and she takes people down the ‘Whole Enchilada Trail’ in Moab all the time.

For this video we hiked the topical dispenser up the first pitch of the Enchilada trail at 4:30 am in the morning to capture sunrise to meet Cory on the way.

No matter if you’re riding a full 34 miles or taking it at your own pace – Charlotte’s Web™ Topical Formulas can help fuel your goals.

We’ve been through a lot in the past year, but we’ve learned that we can face obstacles and come out stronger. We’re on a mission to help you keep doing what you love, and we’ll be there when you need us most.

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