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Fourth, Fats and Fire:: Hot Weather Can Lead to Hot Problems


Dr. Judy discusses how fireworks may affect our pets, especially those prone to anxiety. This type of stress may cause blood to show up in mucus as well as in the stool due to GI Upsets. There may even be vomiting after a night of stress and anxiety from fireworks. The hot weather also comes into play in that there can be Liver Chi Stagnation where heat remains in the body. Dr. Judy then turns the conversation to pets that may have had a bout with pancreatitis and the pet parent is sticking to a low fat diet. She warns that there may be side effects when we withhold fat from our pets and she recommends we continue to give some form of Omega 3s for anti-inflammatory purposes as well as to help with brain, heart, skin and coat and joint health. Coconut Oil may need to be used instead of fish oil if the pet is intolerant to the later. Chicken breast based diets should be avoided for pets that run on the hot side. Chicken, Lamb, and Venison are hot foods and should be avoided for those pets who stress easily during fireworks. Storms can also cause anxiety so be aware of weather conditions as well. (Recorded 7/05/2021)

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