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Dr. Dale Gieringer, Dir. California NORML, The "Big Enchilada" of Federal DE-scheduling Cannabis


Watch the entire interview in hour two of our premiere episode of CONTROLLED: Blunt Commentary on the Politics of Patient Access & the Booming Future. https://youtu.be/ll8syVGvrtE

Premiere episode of CONTROLLED: “Limits, Lists & Liberty,” features an exclusive interview with 15 y/o activist, artist and entrepreneur, Alexis Bortell, plus Executive Director of California NORML, Dr. Dale Gieringer, PhD.

Co-hosts of the ongoing and Society of Cannabis Clinician approved podcast Cannabis Helps Dementia, Chela and Dave Coennen are launching a new series on multiple social media platforms. CONTROLLED: Blunt Commentary on the Politics of Patient Access, Failed Policy & the Booming Future will focus the discussion in independent cannabis media to the coverage of medical cannabis patients, the effects of ongoing legalization efforts across the country and the impact these laws are having on patients and their doctors.

One such patient is a medical cannabis refugee from Texas now living in Colorado, 15 year-old Alexis Bortell. Alexis lives with intractable epilepsy but has been seizure free for more than five years on full spectrum THC cannabis oil, which she has been using for relief since she was seven and is still not available in Texas. Colorado is not all green pastures for medical cannabis patients, particularly for teens like Alexis who can’t attend public school, visit a national park or a post office with her medicine, not to mention cross state lines. Alexis rarely does media interviews since the Federal Cannabis Lawsuit dismissal that sought to deschedule cannabis, and Controlled is honored to have this exclusive update on her efforts to champion cannabis patient liberty.
Also joining us on the premiere episode, Executive Director of California NORML Dr. Dale Gieringer, PhD. talks about Federal de-scheduling of cannabis in the near future, the alternatives including RE-scheduling and the unintended consequences of Prop 64 on patients in California since the law was implemented on January 1, 2018.

CONTROLLED will highlight the inequities of the failed War on Drugs, now entering its sixth decade and after Nixon’s exposed racist motivations to lock up blacks and the anti-war left. The series will also cover the rapidly expanding psychedelic landscape of decriminalization and medical research. As states like Oregon and California, and localities like Denver and Oakland, make moves to decriminalize, and with even Texas starting research, the Controlled Substances Act Schedule I of Drugs is starting to look more and more promising for harm reduction and benefit rather than the dangers so propagated.

Join the premiere of CONTROLLED: “Limits, Lists & Liberty” on Saturday, July 3, at 11 AM Pacific at CannabisSavesTheWorld.US on YouTube as well as Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and DLive.

Chela and Dave Coennen, were family caregivers now turned advocates who were so inspired by her mother’s decade long journey through Alzheimer’s, they launched Cannabis Helps Dementia podcast, started AlzNotes.com Crash Course for Caregivers and wrote a movie script loosely based on their experience called “Last Resort, an Alzheimer’s Pot Dramedy.” You can find them on Twitter @CannabisHelps, Facebook @CHDPodcast and anchor.fm/cannabishelpsdementia or AlzNotes.com Contact: Dave Coennen, Co-creator at DC420LA@gmail.com @DC420LA on the Socials.


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