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Kelli is here to talk about some of the exciting CBD products we sell for you and your four-legged friends! CBD has may improve the symptoms of chronic ailments such as arthritis, MS, anxiety and depression. CBD has also been studied in the treatment of chronic pain relief. It has a wide range of benefits that can help you live your best healthy lifestyle. ‘Did you know’ that we have Clinical Grade CBD products that are full and broad spectrum, as well as a line of THC-free CBD? ‘Did you know’ that we also have a line of CBD products for your pets including formulas for both calming and joint relief in the form of chewable treats and oils? Much like its effects on humans, CBD may have many positive effects on your pets in helping reduce anxiety, stress, pain, seizures, and even digestion problems! We also carry other custom pet medications in treat or liquid form to make sure that everyone in your family is in the best health possible. Now that you know more about our specialty CBD products that are available at both the Medicine Shoppe and Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy, stop by, give us a call and speak to a pharmacist. To learn more follow us on Facebook! ‘Did you know’? …Well now you do!


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