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What You Have To Know About #Caique Parrots: A Pet Parrot Like No Other #Parrot_Bliss


A #Caique (#Caique_Parrot) like no other.

Sure, you can say that about every species… but Caique Parrots really are different. For example, this is a parrot that can fly – of course- but would rather walk, skip/jump or hop!

They are often called the ‘clowns’ of the parrot family; I think of them as vivacious, playful. I feel like they see life differently than my other parrots do. When they look at someting, they SEE it. If they look in your eye, they look into your soul.

Like most other parrots, Caiques have a mind of their own. Someone asked me if Cape Parrots are stubborn. Ha! I find that parrots are stubborn! Yes, Caiques have a mind of their own, but their hearts triple their size.

What You Need To Know!

Are you thinking about getting a Caique?

I wouldn’t call them a ‘starter’ bird – that’s because you already have to be accustomed to a lifestyle on cage-cleaning, feeding and entertaining! Caiques may be medium-sized parrots, but they don’t know it and they don’t behave as though they are.

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