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How's my husband doesn't have HSV, Can you sue, Passing HSV to pets – Live with Alexandra -5/19/2021


Happy Wednesday!!!

0:00 ⭐️Introduction
01:31 ⭐️Can you transmit without an outbreak?
02:41 ⭐️Diet for outbreak prevention
04:32 ⭐️Why is herpes an STD?
05:14 ⭐️We both have HSV1 – will it become HSV2?
05:50 ⭐️How is that your husband doesn’t have it?
06:29 ⭐️Still feeling sore down there after a month after my first outbreak
07:17 ⭐️Can antivirals reduce shedding
07:43 ⭐️Can you sue someone for giving you herpes? @_.destinymaria actually was successful with this so reach out to her with questions. Me personally, I don’t recommend this route.
09:17 ⭐️I was diagnosed two weeks ago.
10:20 ⭐️If I’m shedding, can my partner get it
11:21 ⭐️Can a cold sore be passed to my pet
11:57 ⭐️I have cold sores, I was biting my nails, can I get it genitally?
12:31 ⭐️How long have I been diagnosed?
12:41 ⭐️How did you disclose to your loved ones?
13:21 ⭐️Where to get cheap antivirals herpalert
14:34 ⭐️What’s the difference between oral and genital HSV1?


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Alexandra Harbushka is the creator of Life With Herpes and she is on a mission to educate, entertain and connect with the underserved and often ostracized people living with herpes. Yes, Alexandra has herpes too and she totally gets what you are going through. She created this community so people living with herpes could learn, connect and get back to living their beautiful lives.

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