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Geometry – 3: Triangles – II | CAT 2021 | Unacademy CAT | Aishwarya Agarwal


Unacademy CAT Expert Aishwarya Agarwal is starting a new Quant Batch for CAT 2021 Aspirants. During this course, complete Quant will be covered. The sessions will start from basics and proceed to the Advance level.
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Unacademy CAT brings you yet another interesting series of sessions on the Quantitative Ability to prepare you for CAT 2021 IPMAT and Other MBA /BBA Entrance Exams. In this session, Aishwarya Ma’am will discuss Geometry – 3: Triangles – II for CAT 2021 CAT 2022, IPMAT SNAP, CET, CMAT, XAT, MAT . Watch this video to clear your concepts and to know some of the best practices to crack The Exam.

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Unacademy CAT is a free YouTube channel that will help all CAT aspirants to prepare for Top MBA colleges in India. This channel is a one-stop-shop for CAT aspirants where they can learn how to prepare for CAT, best books for CAT, amazing tricks & tips to crack CAT. Unacademy is a leading name in the field of online education and is hailed for its amazing educators.
With Unacademy CAT we aim to deliver the best for CAT aspirants.

Over 2 lakh aspirants every year take CAT (Common Admission Test), which is one of the most competitive aptitude tests for admission in India’s top Business Schools. Candidates are judged on various parameters such as analytical and verbal skills. Candidates securing the high percentile only can secure their place in top IIMs.
Our Unacademy experts are committed to giving the best guidance for CAT 2021 preparations by analysing the crucial needs of the students who want to crack the entrance exam and secure a place in IIM.


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