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10 Foods That May Help Prevent Dementia


In honor of Alzheimer’s and Brain Health Awareness Month, here are 10 foods that you can introduce to your diet to potentially prevent dementia.

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Spinach icon in flat style isolated on white.
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set with arugula
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Cartoon brain idea
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Blue corn
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Middle Eastern meze platter with green falafel, pita, sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin and beet hummus, olives, stuffed peppers, tabbouleh, figs. Mediterranean appetizer party idea
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Purple sweet potato on white background
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Red onion
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Blackboard with the chemical formula of creatine
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Head shaped trees in fall progression. Memory loss concept
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Beautiful zoom microorganism algae cell
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Dolly shot of pouring olive oil on to olives in rustic kitchen
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Branch of natural hass avocados in a avocado tree in a plantation a sunny day
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Gelatin capsules spill out from pills machine
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Definition: Alzheimer’s
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filamentous algae under a microscope
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Portrait Of Beautiful Happy Black Girl Waking Up Slow Motion
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Zeaxanthin – Animated Antioxidant Capsule Concept
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Lutein – Animated Antioxidant Capsule Concept
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Magnesium – Animated Mineral Capsule Concept
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Iron – Animated Mineral Capsule Concept
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Vitamin B12 – Animated Vitamin Capsule Concept
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Choline – Animated Vitamin Capsule Concept
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Close Up Of Senior Man Organizing Medication Into Pill Dispenser
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Raw and fresh salmon meat fillet
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Raw and fresh salmon meat fillet
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Brain scan image
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Almonds falling in super slow motion
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Slow motion shot of extra virgin olive oil being poured out a clear glass bottle
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Rotating beautifully prepared pink salmon salad
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Outlines of Commuters Going after their Daily Business at a Public Place.
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Cheerful mature mother and young daughter blowing bubbles outdoors
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Blueberries on on the bush
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Woman’s hands washing kale leaves under running water
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Black dad and two adult sons laughing together in garden
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Cattle graze on the open meadows. Herd of cows, bulls, calf and oxen on pasture
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Anonymous Crowd in Times Square. Slow Motion
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Sushi Chef Slices a Salmon Steak Nigiri Style
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Neuron cell. Inside human eye. Red.
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Aerial view of marathon city runners
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