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Long-tailed Macaques in Our City in Nature | NParks Webinar Series


Our efforts to enhance our natural spaces have brought people closer to nature and wildlife. Join our colleague Chanelle Lim from NParks’ Wildlife Management team, and Sabrina Jabbar from Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) in our second human-wildlife encounters webinar. Chanelle is actively involved in integrative management approaches to mitigate human-macaque interactions in Singapore and Sabrina is a seasoned volunteer at JGIS who was key in initiating the Monkey Guards programme. Together, they will share more about Long-tailed macaques, their ethology and distribution, and the collective work done by the Long-tailed Macaque Working Group to promote human-wildlife coexistence in Our City in Nature.

This webinar is hosted on Zoom, with limited slots available. It is also streamed live on our YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy it.

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