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HD – RELAXING MUSIC FOR DOGS: Music for Dog Relaxation, Sleep, Stress, Insomnia and Trauma


Calming Canine is an original composition.

RELAXING MUSIC FOR DOGS: Anti Anxiety Music for Dogs Youtube, Music for Dog Relaxation, Sleep, Stress Relief, Insomnia and Trauma

RELAXING PIANO MUSIC is: ideal for relaxation, yoga, pilates, meditation, chilling, study help, Zen, Thai Chi, Background Music, Morning Music, Late Night Music, Musiqaa Alaistirkha, Musica de Relajación, Musik Santai, リラクゼーション音楽 , 放松音乐, 放鬆音樂, Pасслабляющая Mузыка, Musik Relaksasi, છૂટછાટ સંગીત, Sleep Music, Insomnia, Relaxing Music, Sleep, Meditation, Spa, Calm Music, Study Music, Sleep, 失眠, бессонница, 不眠症, અનિદ્રા, Deep Sleep Music, Refreshed, Healed, Healing, Therapeutic Sounds Deep Sleep Music, Refreshed, Healed, Healing, Therapeutic Sounds, Happiness, Therapy, Spa Day, Me Time, Detente, Luxury, Mental Health, Beautiful, Stress, Instagood, Vacation, Deep Tissue Massage, Facial, Lifestyle, Happy, Beach, Facials, Reflexology, Relax Time, CBD, Essential Oils, Small Business, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Sports Massage, Photography, Reiki, Relaxation Time, Art, Morning Meditation, Work Meditation, ASMR and many more activities.

There are many studies that show the benefits of music in all areas of therapy, study and training. Listening to music can trigger Endorphins.
Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain.

Our music can be used in all sorts of ways.:
Ambient music for use in Spas, Hospitals, Gyms, Physio Therapy Clinics and for General Massage.

At home to help with stress relief or problems sleeping, or just as background sounds and images.

Our music can help with meditation, Zen, Yoga or Thai Chi.

The hypnotic effects can be very healing.

They are written to be soothing, smooth, relaxing, calm, mindful, and are available 24/7.

DO NOT listen or watch any of our works whilst driving or operating machinery

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Much love and peace from everyone at Magnilay.

© Robert Atchison and Andrew Vinter 2021


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