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Discover the secret of MyCutis Hemp Oil Cold Balm


MyCutis Hemp Oil Cold Balm was developed by a compassionate physician through studying the healing properties and aromatic fragrances used for centuries in the botanicals of ancient Asia. Designed for relaxation, relief, and recovery the benefit of organic hemp oil used with these ancient remedies promotes optimal holistic health by maximizing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. It is through the combination of traditional Asian and modern western medicine that MyCutis welcomes everyone to experience the legacy of nature.

At the crossroads of ancient Asian herbal botanical medicine and western trained medical physicians is where the MyCutis brand of healing products begins its extraordinary story. Our physician designed manufacturing utilizes state of the art equipment and a cutting-edge refinement process to consistently produce the finest; ethically repeatable, scientifically efficacious, medical grade natural healing products.


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