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CBD Oil – Medical Cannabis Expert Reviews 3 Top Brands – Evan Talks ep 4


THE DEFINITIVE deep dive into CBD and Medical Cannabis begins with this episode of Evan Talks. See segment directory below to skip directly to any segment in tonight’s show. But you’ll wanna watch the whole thing if you’re into CBD. Learn what the experts know!

Tonight’s episode is about hemp sourced CBD oil. Non-psychoactive (doesn’t get you high), many health benefits, but also some unknown DANGERS I’ll expose for you.

CBD Oil Website Reviews! What to look for in your CBD oil. What to avoid in CBD products. How to spot potential health risks on the CBD oil websites you’re shopping on.

In this episode, I review 3 leading CBD oil websites looking for 7 criteria I established and use regularly as a medical cannabis expert.

I tell you what each criteria means, why it’s important, and how to find if a CBD oil meets the criteria or not, by applying laser-like focus to a company website in order to separate relevant information from hype.

If you’re curious about CBD oil and CBD products, and you want to know more about CBD and you’re looking for a definitive exploration of the subject of CBD and medical cannabis, you’ve come to the right place!


Intro and Welcome – 0:00
What is CBD – 2:00
Main topics being covered – 2:58
LinkedIn article on CBD – 3:29
The 2 main sources of CBD – 4:44
Intro to Hemp sourced CBD – 6:06
Importance of Full Spectrum CBD products – 6:39
Potential dangers and health risks of IMPURE CBD oil – 7:07
The 7 Criteria to finding Pure CBD Oil – 8:00
Importance of Organic Hemp – 9:44
Importance of CO2 Extraction – 12:02
Importance of Full Spectrum – 13:49
Importance of Decarboxylation – 14:40
Importance of Pesticide Free CBD – 18:40
Importance of Solvent Free CBD – 18:55
Importance of Independent 3rd Party Lab Tests – 19:02
Intro to Review of Leading Brand CBD Websites – 19:25
Review of Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil by CW Hemp – 23:20
Review of Prime My Body (PMB) “Nano-enhanced” Hemp Oil – 31:11
Review of CBDPure Organic Hemp CBD Oil – 38:13 ***

CBD Oil product, strength/concentration, instructions and recommendations for children, pets, teens, and adults – 45:36

Save 15% discount coupon code on CBDPure – 46:53

How to leave feedback for me and the show – 47:45
Next week on Evan Talks – 47:56

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CBDPure is the only oil that meets the 7 criteria.

They also make a safe formulation for pets.

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