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A Productive Day in My Life: Juice Cleanse, Walking the Dog, and Other Random Artist Stuff


Welcome to a Productive Day in My Life: Juice Cleanse, Walking the Dog, and Other Random Artist Stuff! Since today was so productive, I figured you guys might enjoy coming along side me while I do my juice cleans, walk my dog, and do some other random artist stuff.

I thought it would be fun to show you guys a day in my life! I didn’t work today, so I might have to do another day in my life vlog at work, but that is not today!

Today I had a huge to-do list that I almost was able to knock out.

I start my day with CBD oil and apple, carrot, and orange juice. Then I read my Bible. What can go wrong from there right?

So then naturally I have to walk my dog. Remi is a stud when it comes to walking. Not to mention it was SUPER nice out. Such a nice spring morning to go for a walk and get some fresh air. So transcendent.

Anyway, sorry it got philosophical there. After that I had to pack. I’m moving so I’ve been trying to pack a little bit everyday but its a beast.

Next is the second juice of the day which is celery, romaine, apples, lemon, and ginger. I also have a third juice which is just carrot juice, but I thought maybe you guys have had enough juice film for one day haha

I have a custom order that I’m working on so I did a couple hours of drafting which was super fun. It was the first time I had used canvas paper and it was DOPE. 10/10 would recommend.

It was errands time so I ran to the paint store with the super weird name and Dollar General for free boxes. I’m serious, if you are moving, they have free boxes. You just might get robbed on the way to the back of the store. But hey, if you don’t, you saved some money!

And I was going to work out but I was tired as mess so I may have skipped that part. I said MAY. Don’t tell my trainer hehe.

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