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A Minute of Zen ☯️ #shorts


A Minute of Zen ☯️ #shorts

🌸 Are you seeking to meditate, relax, sleep, do yoga or achieve Zen to the healing sounds of relaxing spa music, massage music or music for sleep? Relax, Breathe & Listen has relaxing spa music videos that provide soothing music, enhanced with delta waves, as background music for healing meditation, deep sleep, and stress relief. Use our sites and sounds massage music, spa music, yoga music, meditation music, and deep sleep music. Our calm music creates an atmosphere of soothing relaxation to allow spa clients to unwind while at your spa or simply to meditate, relax or sleep. This peaceful music can be used to support yoga, meditation, stress relief, and other holistic treatments.

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About Us: We are wife and husband dedicated to healthier living. We believe in exercise, mindful meditation, stress-free living, and healthy eating. We do yoga, hike, meditate, and walk with our children (and dogs!) Please join us on our journey to a calmer, more purposeful life. 🧘 🧘🏻‍♂️

About our Channel: We also offer 4k and HD 1080p visuals as a calming window of stress relief. Enjoy relaxing music for sleep meditation or as yoga music, meditation music, spa music, or sleep music. The delta waves in our sleeping music videos are incorporated in our instrumental music and help to relax, provide stress relief, aid meditation for anxiety and enable you to achieve a state of Zen. This stress relief music is soothing, soft music, and worldwide our relaxing spa music is used as sleeping music, stress relief music, calming music, and background music for healing and sleep meditation. 🌸

Relax, Breathe Listen’s spa relaxation music and nature sounds can also be used for meditation, massage, healing, yoga, or background music as it is embedded with binaural beats (delta waves) for soothing relaxation. Because it is such calm music, it can be used as Zen music to help relax and focus the mind for meditation. As part of your sleep meditation practice, this deep sleep music will help you fall asleep more easily during meditation. Whether you’re using our calm music as spa music, massage music, calming music, soft music, or deep sleep music, it’s sure to calm the body and mind and encourage a state of Zen. Our soft music provides the ideal soundscape for a wide variety of spa experiences. The dream music quality created through binaural beats, delta waves, nature sounds, and instrumental music, will help slow down and relax the body-mind. 💮

Relax, Breathe Listen’s relaxing spa music is instrumental music that can be used as meditation music to help deepen a meditation practice. This calm music offers meditators the option to use Zen music as a tool to focus their attention on their breathing when engaging in healing meditation, meditation for sleep, and meditation for anxiety. Our relaxing music will enable you to let go of stresses and strains and help you to fall asleep. Our yoga music will facilitate deep relaxation and wellness, and also complements meditation for sleep and meditation for anxiety. This peaceful music can also be used as background music in spa and wellness centers, as massage music, or as yoga music. 🌼

Relax, Breathe Listen’s peaceful music can be used as relaxing sleep music when practicing meditation for sleep. Use our spa music as part of your healing meditation practice and let this sleep music help your body-mind enter a state of Zen and soothing relaxation. 🙏

Thanks for watching. Comment to let us know what you like about the video and our relaxing music, and if there’s anything you’d like to see us do differently. #calm #meditation #relaxation

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